What is a fair valuation for your startup?

Disagreements on valuation often end in frustration and failed negotiations. Because it is easy to disagree on the value of a startup.

However, founders and investors can agree on fair assumptions. And from these a fair valuation will automatically follow. This is important. Because founders want happy investors. And investors want committed founders.

With THE #1 GUIDE TO STARTUP VALUATION, longtime founder, investor and valuation expert Joachim Blazer reveals the method which helps deals close.

Discover how to get from fair assumptions to a fair valuation for a startup in 6 easy steps. Save yourself the time, money and frustration that comes with improvised valuation attempts and become an expert on the subject.

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Dirk de Bruijn – Founder at Swapfiets

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Jian Jiang – Co-Founder at ParkBee

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Sander ten Kate – Founder/CEO at Senfal

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Ide Swager – Co-Founder at Momo Medical